Friday, April 20, 2018

Day3 of 2018 Intersession comes to a close


The 2018 BHS Intersession is coming to a close. What an amazing, tiring and rewarding three days it has been around the school, the state and beyond. 
The on-campus activities have produced some amazing works of art, stained glass, beautifying the school and so much more.

The off-campus New England events have been successful and the weather cooperated! The hiking, biking, zip-lining, climbing, white water rafting and yoga have been adventurous and challenging!

Those on those adventures farther away have a bit more time to explore.  Adirondacks, NYC, Disney, Ireland, Belize, Nashville, A Nation Divided, Spain, and Machu Picchu.

Students… please take a moment to thank the staff who spent countless hours planning and coordinating these events.  There is so much work, organization and dedication that goes into making each intersession successful.  Please remember to thank them! KUDOS to the Staff!!!!
And finally, hoping everyone has a safe, fun and restful April vacation.  Enjoy your time with family & friends.

It’s always a great day to be a bulldog!

BHS 2018 Intersession Photo Album

Thursday, April 19, 2018

As I walked around the building today I was in awe of the incredible effort these staff members put towards making these intersessions a success.  It is a privilege to work with these amazing co-workers and with these students.  The students were engaged in their activities.

All pictures that came in from intersessions off campus and those on campus have been posted to the 2018 Intersession Photo Album.  As more photos come in they will be uploaded.

Day Two was a success!  Go home, rest, and rejuvenate for Day Three!

Intersession Day2 on Campus at BHS

Day2 is underway here at BHS!  Many intersessions set off for their adventures off campus today in the snowy weather.  Portland Maine, Zip Lining, Yoga/CrossFit, Whitewater rafting (brrr) and so much more. 

There is some amazing & creative things happening on campus today from Guitar Making, Science Wing mural arts, Ceiling Tile art, DIY projects, Dungeons & Dragons game board design/making, Meat Sweats grilling, Cake Making, Stained Glass, Hogwarts wand making and so much more.  The students & staff put so much into these intersessions.  Here is a sneak peak from around the school today.  If you want to see all the photos, visit our 2018 Intersession photo album: 2018 Intersession Photo Album


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Intersession Day 1 - wrapping things up

There were so many fun activities happening during Day 1 of BHS Intersession.  Many departed for extended trips around the US and internationally.  The photos coming in from everyone show happy students & staff exploring outside the classroom.  Thanks for making Day 1 a successful one!  Get some rest and come back tomorrow ready to get after it again!

Granite State Adventures

Granite State Adventures intersession is enjoying this much needed sunshine on this crisp cool day. They are on a bike trek along the bike trail leading from Massabesic Lake to the coast. Have fun!

Spain crew has been busy....

Fabulous day in Salamaca!  It was perfect weather and we enjoyed visiting the New and Old Cathedrals, the Universidad and the Casa Lis decorative arts museum. Perfecto! #bhsintersession


Day 1 is underway

So much planning goes into making each intersession activity a memorable one.  The amount of preparation that goes into these 3 days (or longer) is quite extensive.  Please remember to thank your
teachers for all their hard work!