Friday, April 21, 2017

Final Day of Intersession 2017

Great day for ducks out there today for the intersessions happening in the New England area.  Hoping those in other states and countries are having some nicer weather today.  
Rain is supposed to lighten up around 10-11am.   

Have a great Day Three today - MAKE IT A GREAT DAY BULLDOGS!

Some end of Day Two pictures....  


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Midday update of Day Two

The weather has cooperated for those remaining in the New England area.  The sun is out and temps are comfortable for Day Two of BHS Intersession.   Everyone is enjoying their adventures.
Tweet or send in lots of pictures so we can post for families, friends and BHS community.  

So many awesome events happening today....
See for yourselves below.




Day 2 Underway

Day Two of Intersession is underway.  Today's departures to Salem Mass, Freedom Trail, Community Service, Farms, Blue Man Group and so many more.  Should be another productive & exciting day.  Follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #bhsintersession 





Day1 for AMC Adventures

Great first day with AMC Adventures! Back inside before the snow & rain started.

Day1 Adventures at Antietam

A Nation Divided intersession had some great adventures to at the 
Civil War Museum and on the battlefield at Antietam.  Their adventures through pictures.  



Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 1 Intersession Check-In

So many incredibly cool intersessions active on & off campus today.  There is such a variety of activities to share with all of you.  Here is the morning in pictures from BHS campsite and offsite around the US.   Make it a Great Day Bulldogs!!!!