Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preparation for Intersession 2014

Preparation for Intersession 2014 is underway.  Proposals & approvals are in and it's time to take a peak at what will be offered this year.  Signups won't begin until next week sometime.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Everyone Surfs Maine!!

After two great days of surf lessons, the 21 students on the Everyone Surfs Maine Intersession wrote down their notes of thanks to Wahine Kai Surf School:

Thanks for the cool soccer games and awesome stretches - Sam

Thanks for the help with the hang tens! -Joe

Thank you so much for teaching we the ways of the wave, and proving to me, and my very critical mother, that I am actually good at something for once.  



Dear Wahine Kai,

    I just wanted to say thank you for a great couple days of surfing. We all had a blast and we really appreciate you taking time out of your day to teach us how to surf. Thanks again!

- Brian

Thank you very much for taking the time to teach us how to surf! We had a great time despite the fact that it was frigid.  Thank you again! -Kelsey

Thank you for all of your patience in teaching me how to surf! It was a great two days of surfing and I appreciate the time you took to teach me! -Kelly

Thank you for a great two days of surfing. I had a great time hanging out at the beach and being able to start surfing so early in the year. Thank you for coming out and supplying everything we needed. - Nathan

I just wanted to Thank You for teaching something new! I definitely had a blast and would love to do it again so Thank You again for teaching me!-Tom

Thank you for helping me surf! I learned a lot of useful tips that helped me improve and I had a great time in the water! -Allison

Thank you so much for teaching us how to surf! You really helped me with my technique and I improved so much in just two days.  The waves were great and so was the hot chocolate! Thanks again


Thank you guys for the great experience.  The one on one instructional time really helped me! Thank You!  -Blake

Thank you for teaching me to surf and helping me ride the waves- Ryan

Thank you so much for teaching me how to surf. It was so much fun! -Alicia

Thank you for teaching me the basics of surfing. The brownies and hot chocolate were great!-Naomi

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

B2B Update

23 April 2013

Today was a really busy but really fun day. First we stopped at St Paul's cathedral. It was breathtakingly beautiful and the views from the top of the tower were absolutely amazing although the trip up was quite difficult! The best part about the cathedral was the whispering gallery. Tom, Jim and I had a conversation on opposite sides of the gallery by whispering into the walls! Next the group headed to the Tate museum where we were given free time to explore the 3 levels of art. Nikita and I finished early so we bought an emporium from the gift shop and assembled it in the cafe seating area. The ended at the historic Tower of London where we again were given some free time to explore on our own. It was here that I had the best panini I've ever eaten, a Brie, tomato and basil panini! I also enjoyed the large metal dragon in the white tower. (Personally I think it belonged in the museum more than some of the pieces actually featured in the exhibits!)

-Kelsie Wallace

My favorite stop of the day was Saint Paul's Cathedral. It was the most beautiful building I had ever seen. Although the two hour drive probably helped. My first stop was the whispering gallery which was 230 steps up. Contradictory to what you would usually do, you had to whisper to get someone's attention from far away. If you spoke normally only the person next to you would hear you, but if you whispered everyone on the whispering gallery could hear you. In the basement there were many famous people buried there. To get through the exhibit you had to step over many graves. I was a little afraid that I would pick up a ghost who was upset that I didn't properly respect his grave but then I thought "that would make a great souvenir!". Who else do you know that has an English spirit haunting them? Not to mention, it would be free!
-Sophie Carter

Stepping into St Paul's Cathedral from the world outside is a bit like stepping back in time. The spiral staircases, leading to the Whispering Gallery and the dome balconies, unseen in any sensible modern structure, like practically every ancient religious building we have visited thus far in England, were extremely taxing on our already weakened legs, and the ornate mosaics and high, vaulted ceilings called to mind those found in Rome or Istanbul.
The mosaics and the massive painted dome of the nave, speaking of, were breathtaking, as was the columned High Alter - the whole cathedral, really, was simply dazzling. The amount of craftsmanship and dedication put into it was stunning, and the architects did an absolutely magnificent job - every bit of the building, inside and out, was full of intricate detail and splendor. Truly, there are not words for the sheer perfection of St Paul's.
The Tower was alright but I really wanted to see the Crown Jewels - we decided that there wasn't time to brave the lines and instead saw some impressive armor, mostly belonging to King Henry VIII. It was a lovely day nevertheless, though I may need to cut off my feet as they hurt so much...
- Hannah Dukerschein

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Now leaving... Another great habitat trip with a great group of students everyone has new friends and memories to share!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Update 4/19

Bedford has been very fun so far! After a day in school I was taken to the supermarket to see the different foods they have from us. After that we went to Chinese for dinner and continued on to go bowling where we did it very different ways such as left handed and backwards.

My host and I have been nothing but bonding so far! It is so interesting to see how similar we are. Last night after school, I went to her cheer practice which was different to say the least. I even participated in her practice! After we went home to watch a movie, and talked and laughed the whole night. I'm loving it here.

Kylie Pigeon

The past two days have been spectacular! England has a wonderful balance of city and countryside. In Bedford, you can pretty much walk anywhere and what is even better is that there is a thrift shop every other store...not exaggerating. School is super fun and the classroom atmosphere is chaotic but studious. My host is hilarious and all of her friends are energetic so I fit in just fine. The highlight of my trip so far was when I won chair soccer, however can't wait to explore more of Bedford and the country.

Erica Stieper

I love it here! London was absolutely gorgeous. In a city, you expect the majority of the buildings to be run-down but all of the buildings were clean and beautifully built. As for Bedford, I love how you can walk everywhere. My host family are the nicest people and their friends are hilarious. We have entertained each other by just talking half the time because we say everything so differently. Also, I'm starting to accidentally say words in an accent. I'll definitely start saying Mum more often now.

Chelsea Weber

I did not expect to meet so many nice people within my first 2 days here. My host and her family have been absolutely wonderful, as well as her friends! I haven't had a dull moment since we arrived, and I can't wait to begin seeing even more extravagant sites and new potential friends. I may even come home with some new English phrases!

Laska Nordaby

Warwick castle was an amazing experience. The place looked incredible and there many sights to be seen. We also went through the Warwick dungeon which was was pretty cool.

Thomas Evans

Going to Warwick Castle was brilliant. The grounds were beautiful - especially when seen from the tops of the towers, although getting to the top makes walking up to the third floor of BHS with a freshman backpack seem like a walk in the park. The recreation of scenes in a room were also quite cool, particularly the wax statues of King Henry the Eighth and his six wives.
-Steffi Kane

Warwick castle is absolutely beautiful. The historical aspect was lovely, although the most memorable experience was our group trip to the dungeon. The darkness and reenactments of plague victims were rather frightening, turning many of us into cowering elementary school children afraid of being left alone in the dark. Despite this, there were many comedic moments including Mr. Mezeske being "dissected", Mr. Pepper being "tortured", and several students' indignant remarks to being accused of witchcraft.

-Devon Sealander

End score: West Bromwich Albion 1; Newcastle United 1.
I am of the opinion that we could have and should have stayed a little longer at Warwick Castle, given that there were so many other brilliant places left undiscovered on the grounds - instead, we got to the stadium an hour early - but nevertheless, the "football" game was excellent and turned out to be very exciting. Newcastle scored early in the match, cheered on by a relatively small but exceedingly vocal fan section while the West Brom fans were pretty silent, except to yell indignantly at the apparently dimwitted referees. However, they cheered up after WBA scored in the second half, making the score 1:1 - it stayed that way for the rest of the game. I expected an overtime, but apparently the match wasn't important enough to warrant one? It was a fabulous experience, though, for those of us who really got into it and cheered along with the other, more vehement WBA fans.
Several of us also tried traditional steak-and-kidney (delicious) or chicken-and-mushroom (reputedly delicious) pies, along with Bovril - a meat broth drink that I thought was nasty - and sniffed at those who had flown several thousand miles to go to an English football game and proceeded to buy a hamburger.

- Hannah Dukerschein

The game started and the crowd came to life! I've never been to a soccer game where there was such passion in the crowd or really any game, even in America. Right from the start I felt apart of the crowd rooting on West Brom and trying to learn the many chants. I did learn one "you don't know what you're doing!" So I was excited when the crowd starting chanting that cheer. Even though the game ended in a tie (1-1) it was still an awesome and fun experience!!

- Kelsie Wallace

Awesome game today, crazy fans, some calls from the ref that were disappointing. I loved the atmosphere of the game and the people. It was not just a football game to them it was part of there lives and it showed as they booed at the penalties and cheered at the goals. For me I wish I could go to another one

- Kathryn Sampson

The game was so fun! We had amazing seats so we could see the players' faces when they came near us. There was also a dance performance before the game started and that was wicked cool. I started yelling along with the other passionate fans and by the end of the game I was getting strange looks from my friends. Thanks to my mother who showed me in the past how to properly cheer on a team, it came in handy today.

-Victoria Sferrazza

Warwick castle was very fun, as there was a large amount of the castle that remained accessible and one was able to climb into the towers. The dungeon was also fun, as it gave a personalized approach to learning about early England and the black plaque. In addition, the soccer game was a very different experience than a USA game, which certainly enhanced the English experience.

Jim delahunty

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Boat ride on Lake Lanier

Friday, April 19, 2013

Today was a great day to be a Bulldog!

Our group came together to attend classes at the Biddenham International School and did a great job of presenting to the English students. We ran a presentation for about 250-300 "seniors" about New Hampshire and BHS in general. All the students made Mr. Pepper and Mr. Mezeske proud.

We also went for a good group dinner at the local chimes buffet, which proved to be a great relaxing time. Off to bed for now, tomorrow we rise early for Warwick Castle and West Brom vs. Newcastle! Go Baggies!


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Final Day of Intersession underway

Make the final day of Intersession 2013 a great Bulldog Day!  Enjoy yourselves!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


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Date: April 18, 2013, 1:31:32 AM EDT

Deuxième Jour à Québec

Our second day began bright and early with a French cooking lesson from a
former Iron Chef winner and current head chef of our hotel and private chef
to Sting, Madonna, visiting dignitaries and many others. After breakfast we
did our historical treasure hunt, which ended at the provincial parliament
of Québec.  There we met Justin Trudeau (, Canada's youngest ever
minister, who just happened to be there on his first official visit.  He
stopped and introduced himself and took some questions from the students
(all in French, of course!), shook a few hands and took a few photos, all
under the watchful eye of two cameramen from the national news.  After this
star-studded morning, a good lunch and some shopping, we visited a
magnificent cathedral, the Montmorency Falls, and a sugar shack for a tour,
dinner and dancing.  Quite a day!

Robert Zeller
Bedford High School
French Teacher
Nordic Ski Coach

Pro Sports Uncovered at Fenway today

Pro Sports Uncovered is in the heart of Boston, touring Fenway Park.  The behind the scenes, inner-workings, history and baseball museum at Fenway are what the students & staff at this intersession were able to see & learn today.    Sights from Fenway.....

Making use of Vine App

Many intersessions are making use of the VINE app to send 10 secs video clips of their intersessions.
Here is a link to one of them:  Hershey PA

Go to our twitter feed on the BHS Intersession website for more tweets with these.

First Cupcake Challenge of Intersession

The first cupcake challenge was Hero vs Villan.
Here is what these 8 groups of students came
up with for their entry into the challenge.

Stain Glass Intersession

Some beautiful and creative work coming from the stain glassing room.  Here are a few photos of the tools, preparation and work being done by these students.

Intersession Day2 Underway

As you walk around the building you see some great intersession going on from Candle Making, Flower Arranging, Stainglassing, Sewing with Math, Restoring Old Items from Good Will, Sports through Movement, Day trips heading out to new destinations for hiking, exploring & adventure... while many have venture to other states and other countries.   

Random pics from Day 1

Our intersessions got off to a good start during Day 1.  Many engaging, fun and interesting learning opportunities going on all around the area, country and the world.  From Paris, to Gerogia, to England, to the mountains and oceans - BHS'ers exploring!  

Premier jour à Québec

A long bus ride, a remarkably smooth border crossing and a quick ferry ride has brought 23 excited Bulldogs to Québec's old city.  We are staying in the Hôtel Clarendon, the oldest hotel in north America.  Today's festivities included a walking tour of old Québec, dinner at Les Trois Garçons, and an interactive history lesson at the Plains of Abraham, where we were drilled in musketry, cannon-loading, and how to amputate a limb in a field hospital.  Tomorrow: omelet-cooking lessons, a scavenger hunt, waterfalls and dancing!

Robert Zeller
Bedford High School
French Teacher
Nordic Ski Coach

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Premier jour à Québec

A long bus ride, a remarkably smooth border crossing and a quick ferry ride has brought 23 excited Bulldogs to Québec's old city.  We are staying in the Hôtel Clarendon, the oldest hotel in north America.  Today's festivities included a walking tour of old Québec, dinner at Les Trois Garçons, and an interactive history lesson at the Plains of Abraham, where we were drilled in musketry, cannon-loading, and how to amputate a limb in a field hospital.  Tomorrow: omelet-cooking lessons, a scavenger hunt, waterfalls and dancing!

Robert Zeller
Bedford High School
French Teacher
Nordic Ski Coach

Baltimore Habitat Dance Moves by Alex, Jimmy, and Lydia

B2B meets up with Paris group!

The natives are getting restless...

Re: Getting ready!

All through security! Ready to go!

Pepper's reading a book.


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On Apr 17, 2013, at 10:41 AM, Mezeske BHS <> wrote:

> Just met with our group for final check in, and looking forward to travel! It's going to be a great trip, full of bacon sarnies and Cornish pasties. Updates will come as we can!
> Pepper & Mezeske
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Baltimore Habitat after a good days work!

Day 1 complete! Thank you hall county habitat for the awesome t-shirts! Can't wait to keep working tomorrow!!! :)

Audubon adventures Day1

Here are some pictures from the Audubon Hiking intersession.
Perfect sunny weather for this day exploring outside.

BHS Unwrapped - Hands On Cooking

BHS Unwrapped with Mrs Brooks and Chef Elizabeth Skipper showing students how to make crepes.   There's incredibly delicious odors coming from the hallway near the FACS room.

Intersession Activities in action.....


  Check out all the fun being had in the Picasa Albums slideshow on the Intersession
website.  The pictures are coming in fast and furious!

Baltimore Habitat getting ready to create a backyard

Audubon cleanup

Audubon Intersession getting to work!

Morning archery at Sportsman Field in the sunshine and comfortable temps.....

B2B - Bedford NH to Bedford England - Here they come.  Leaving this afternoon for their flight to England.  Have a great time!

Getting ready!

Just met with our group for final check in, and looking forward to travel! It's going to be a great trip, full of bacon sarnies and Cornish pasties. Updates will come as we can!

Pepper & Mezeske

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Buses arriving to begin Day 1

Students and staff getting ready to head off on an Audubon Hike.  Beautiful sunny day is perfect for a hike.

These students were probably hoping for warmer
weather for their learning to surf intersession - stay
warm and have fun!

Baltimore Habitat Doing Some Prep Work

Day 1 of Intersession at BHS begins......

BHS is busy with preparations for the first day of Intersession 2013 to begin. Have a great day bulldogs!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BHS Intersession 2013 Preparation

BHS Intersession final preparations are underway. Two more weeks until Intersession 2013 Begins!