Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Successful Intersession - Enjoy Vacation

Intersession is now complete. It was a tiring but rewarding 3 days of activities. Have a great April vacation everyone!
Regional Community Service - BHS students working hard for the community!

Wrapping up Day 3 in Kennebunk & Lincoln NH

Wrapping up a day on the seacoast while others are zip-lining it in Lincoln. Great day to be a bulldog!

Surf's Up

Final day for Girls Surf Maine.... another successful intersession.

Heritage Bike Trail final day

Heritage Bike Trail final day of intersession - job well done!

Day 3 of Intersession Begins

Girls heading back to Kennebunk for their 2nd day of surfing. Have fun & Hang Ten Ladies!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Intersession Day2 comes to a close

Day 2 of Intersession comes to a close. Another beautiful day to be a bulldog. Rest up for tomorrow everyone.

Budding Photographers Along Seacoast

37 budding photographers snapping photos of the seacoast, a second beautiful day!

Heritage Trail Bike, Hike and Cleanup Day

Heritage Trail Bike & Hike and they cleanup trash along their hike. Great day for this and another great day to be a Bulldog. Making us proud BHS!

Hang Ten in Kennebunk

Kennebunk Group Shots after a day of learning how to surf. Hang Ten Girls!!!!

Petersburg working hard

Habitat working hard in Petersburg. Bulldogs make us proud!

Biking Day2

Biking Intersession Day 2 - perfect weather

International foods Day1 winners

The international foods... the top vote getter was "death by hot-wing" on Day 1: Todd Glynn Marcus Graves Matthew Howe Grant Drukker

International Cake Decorating winners Day1

International Cake Decorating winner..... ITALY!! Jillian Kossack Bethany Kiernan Rachel Lurvey John Greiner

Petersburg getting it done

Students loading bricks for delivery and moving furniture to get refurbished. Did you know you could donate old furniture to get restored for those that need it? Way to go Habitat for Humanity PETERSBURG!

Kansas Day1

Habitat for Humanity Kansas had a busy first day. Way to go Bulldogs!

Ready, Set, Day2

Day 2 of BHS Intersession has begun.....have fun Bulldogs!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 2 of Intersession

Check out photos of Day 1 of BHS Intersession (compliments of Social Media crew).... Facebook Day1 Intersession Link

IMAX Hooksett

See you in the Pictures Intersession antics. Having fun at IMAX in Hooksett!

Habitat Petersburg SignIn Day1

Habitat PETERSBURG - Day1: Volunteer sign-in! In the restore today moving in donated merchandise

Seacoast Photography

Perfect day for snapshots on the seacoast. Enjoying intersession & fresh air!

Bear Brook Biking

Students on their way to Bear Brook for a day of EXTREME biking.

Habitat for Humanity - Kansas - Day 1

Habitat for Humanity in Kansas. Job Site on Day #1: We are at the job site now. This is the second day for this particular house. We are told that walls will be put up while we are here. Landscaping is on the agenda first however. For updates from both trips for Habitat for Humanity KANSAS & PETERSBURG...... click this link to their blog: Habitat for Humanity Blog

Adirondack morning

An Adirondack morning. Awakened by loon calls today!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Habitat for Humanity KANSAS is off.... Have a great trip, stay safe and have lots of fun!

Habitat for Humanity Blog

Habitat for Humanity trips to Kansas & Petersburg VA..... Have fun and work hard!

Intersession on the Horizon

The vibe at BHS is the students are counting down to Intersession beginning! They are excited.
Welcome to 2012 BHS Intersession..... Here we go!  Everyone enjoy!