Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BHS Intersession Video captured through pictures

BHS Intersession 2014 Video - A Journey through pictures

Scavenging in Salem

Thank you Pepper for sending us this great video of your intersession "Scavengin' in Salem" and "The Burning Witches".  Great use of technology to document your day in Salem!

Hope everyone enjoys.

Click this link to watch:
Scavengin' in Salem Animoto

Click this link to watch:
The Burning Witches Animoto

Friday, April 25, 2014

2014 Intersession coming to a close

The 2014 BHS Intersession is coming to a close.  What an amazing, tiring and rewarding three days it has been around the school, the state and beyond.

The on-campus activities have produced some amazing works of art, restorations, stained glass creations, beautifying of the grounds and so much more.

The off-campus New England events have been successful as well.  The hiking, biking, fishing, zip-lining and rock climbing have been fun, adventurous and challenging.

Those off of those farther adventures will be at it for a few more days.  The Civil War explorations, Adirondack and NYC trips, Hawaii intersession, Disney Science learning are just to name a few.

Students…. lets give a big shout out to the staff who spent countless hours planning and coordinating these events.  There is so much work and organization that goes into making each intersession a successful one.  Please remember to thank them!  Kudos to the Staff for their dedication.

Here is wishing everyone a a well-deserved, safe, fun and  restful April vacation. Enjoy!  

It's always a great day to be a bulldog!

Final Day of Intersession 2014

What a beautiful sunny day in New England to enjoy our final day of Intersession 2014.  Temperatures are supposed to move up into the 60s with much less wind than yesterday!  Make the best of this day.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 2 of Intersession comes to a close….

As Day 2 of BHS Intersession comes to a close, it's amazing some of the activities, skits and works of art staff & students have created today.   Many ventured outside on this sunny, windy day performing community service, exploring Boston, zip lining, fishing, gardening and hiking.

Get some rest and be ready for tomorrow!    It's another great day to be a bulldog!

Day 2 halfway over...

Day Two of BHS Intersession is about halfway over.  There is so much going on!  On campus today. there are all sorts of crafts - cooking - works of art being created - restoration of old items - candle making - cupcake wars - 80s art creations - BHS Hogwarts is in full session with another Quiddich match - onsite gardening…..just to name a few.    

The offsite activities are busy as well and tweeting pictures with reflections along the way.  To follow us here are a few links you can check out:  
                Twitter:  follow hashtag #bhsintersession

Once again the staff here amazes me at how much preparation and care goes into these intersession activities on/off campus.   The supplies, the logistics and tireless planning that went into these intersessions is simply amazing.  Great job!  

Onto the second half of the day…….. enjoy everyone!



preview of Day 2 for the Art & Yoga gang!!!

Today we are on campus, sorta!!! We are spending the morning eating Dunkins' and in a rotation of yoga dvds and a session at Symmetry Pilates here in Bedford (  

After a yummy pizza lunch from Bella, Canvas Road Show is coming to us!! 
They are leading us in a reproduction of an original painting!!! 

Should be an awesome day!!

Crofty, Labrie, and the #bulldogyogis

Special Educator
Skills 11
Case Manager

Day 1 of Art & Yoga Was a Success!!

We had a great day at Art Happens in Milford (  

The folks there had us do a mixed media project where we layered a canvas with scrapbook paper, 
sheet music, and pages from old books.  Then we painted it colors of our choosing, stamped it, 
and let it dry.   Yogis inked a quote of their choosing on top of the 8x8 canvas.  

In between layers of our canvas, we had a yoga instructor from Hampshire Hills come 
and kick our yoga butts! She took us through a power flow class and had us sweating 
by the end! The day went by so fast for spending it in a one room brick art studio!!!

Croft, Labrie, and the #bulldogyogis!

Special Educator
Skills 11
Case Manager

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 1 Coming to a Close

Day 1 of Intersession is coming to a close.  There were some great activities…candle making, stained glass, DIY decorating, cooking with NH farm products, hiking, guitar making, exploring how maple syrup is made, painting, cupcake wars, farming, Quiddich, stepping outside your comfortable limits…. you name it - it was going on!

Intersession Activities

There are such a wide range of Intersession activities on & off campus today.  It's a great day to be a Bulldog!

From "Build a Guitar" ……. to Civil War Museum explorations…. 


To buying locally and delicious food preparation…… 


     How about a nice long bike ride……

…..and the weather beginning to cooperate - sun over the Bedford High School.

Have a great day!!!!

Let 2014 BHS Intersession Begin....

First day of Intersession 2014 is underway.  Students & staff began leaving yesterday off to the Adirondacks, Hawaii, NYC.... Safe travels to everyone.  Have fun!  Look forward to living your intersessions through pictures, tweets and blogging! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

One week until Art & Yoga in the Granite State!

Bulldog Yogis are gearing up for three fun-filled days of Art and Yoga in NH! Our first day will take us to Art Happens in Milford! Stay tuned for our adventures!!!

Crofty & Labrie

Special Educator
Skills 11
Case Manager