Friday, April 24, 2015

BHS Intersession coming to a close on campus

What a great three days everyone experienced both on & off campus. It was a pleasure to see the variety of intersessions, crafts, activities and trips.  The photos being sent in are spectacular. It was a treat to live these intersessions through pictures.  

For those intersessions ending today, please continue to share any pictures you snapped along the way.  For those on extended trips, please continue to post pictures & I will continue blogging.   Thank you for sharing your intersession journey with everyone.

Thank you to the hardworking & dedicated staff that put these incredible intersessions together for all to enjoy.  Have a great weekend & enjoy your much deserved April vacation!





Italy Intersession update & photos


Our tour of Venice was a quick one! Today we we went into the Doges Palace and walked over the bridge of sighs in St.Marks square. We were also lucky enough to into the basilica which is so beautiful and the mosaics inside Were spectacular. Venice was interesting since the streets were so narrow, it is a walking city with bridges at every turn. In the afternoon we took a bus to Florence and the countryside is so green, unlike the pictures of Bedford we saw today! Ciao for now....

St Marks Square - Venice

Rialto Bridge

Bridge of Sighs

Palazzo Vecchio

Bedford NH to Bedford England


 Just a quick update that the Bedford to Bedford intersession has arrived safely and is having a brilliant time already.

Beautiful weather the past few days--wonderful hospitality--and a great experience for our students. 

Below are a few pics from the scavenger hunts we've had.

Yesterday, we went to Warwick Castle where all the students survived the dungeons, though we thought about leaving Caelan Koolman  behind for further disciplinary action, and Stratford-Upon-Avon (Mezeske stayed at Shakespeare's grave in meditation for several hours, just mumbling sonnets over and over).

Today students are attending school with their host families, and tomorrow we go to Hampton Court Palace and then on to watching a game of football between Fulham and Middlesborough. 

Our students presented to a group of Biddenham International school students earlier today and blew them away, bragging about New England, Bedford High School and Senior Project!  Go Bulldogs! 

Enjoying our time and hope everything is going smoothly back home. 

Its a bit worrying that the group sounds more and more like Pepper everyday, asking where the toilet is and sampling all the dodgy foods like cheese and pickle sandwiches. 

All the best, 
Mezeske & Pepper 

Final BHS Intersession day

We can do this BULLDOGS!!!  A much cooler morning to begin our final day of #BHSIntersession but the buses are rolling away full of eager students for their next adventures.  

I hope the students remember to take a moment today to say THANK YOU to the staff for their planning & preparation for each of these intersession adventures.  

How about we start our final day with our first photos from the Spain Trip. What fun they are all having.  Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your journey through pictures!!!




Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seacoast 2!

Day 2 Coming to a close

Day 2 of #BHSIntersession coming to a close and many are beginning to look tired.  To see many of these intersessions come together after all the staffs preparation & planning is incredible to see.  So many great things happening on campus today keeping everyone engaged & learning.  It's been fun to live the offsite intersession through photos & videos shared over social media.  Some are in warmer temps while others are braving the colder, more frigid temps of the mountains of NH.  

Rest up for tomorrow's final day of adventures!  



Cooking with Science

Some fun things happening in the Science rooms right here at BHS.  Students & staff cooking with science.  Using liquid nitrogen, they made some ice cream and tried some other cool experiments.   Fun with Science!

Brisk sunny start to Day2 of #BHSIntersession

A bit of a chill in the air beginning Day #2 of #BHSIntersession but the sun is shining and the sky is blue!  The buses leaving with hiking trips to Maine and NH.  Incredible pictures and tweets coming in from Italy, Quebec, Disney, #BHSDC, #CivilWarbhs, Salem and AMC trips.  Keep them coming we are enjoying them all.    Make it a great day Bulldogs!!!!