Thursday, April 18, 2013

Deuxième Jour à Québec

Our second day began bright and early with a French cooking lesson from a
former Iron Chef winner and current head chef of our hotel and private chef
to Sting, Madonna, visiting dignitaries and many others. After breakfast we
did our historical treasure hunt, which ended at the provincial parliament
of Québec.  There we met Justin Trudeau (, Canada's youngest ever
minister, who just happened to be there on his first official visit.  He
stopped and introduced himself and took some questions from the students
(all in French, of course!), shook a few hands and took a few photos, all
under the watchful eye of two cameramen from the national news.  After this
star-studded morning, a good lunch and some shopping, we visited a
magnificent cathedral, the Montmorency Falls, and a sugar shack for a tour,
dinner and dancing.  Quite a day!

Robert Zeller
Bedford High School
French Teacher
Nordic Ski Coach

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