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Update 4/19

Bedford has been very fun so far! After a day in school I was taken to the supermarket to see the different foods they have from us. After that we went to Chinese for dinner and continued on to go bowling where we did it very different ways such as left handed and backwards.

My host and I have been nothing but bonding so far! It is so interesting to see how similar we are. Last night after school, I went to her cheer practice which was different to say the least. I even participated in her practice! After we went home to watch a movie, and talked and laughed the whole night. I'm loving it here.

Kylie Pigeon

The past two days have been spectacular! England has a wonderful balance of city and countryside. In Bedford, you can pretty much walk anywhere and what is even better is that there is a thrift shop every other store...not exaggerating. School is super fun and the classroom atmosphere is chaotic but studious. My host is hilarious and all of her friends are energetic so I fit in just fine. The highlight of my trip so far was when I won chair soccer, however can't wait to explore more of Bedford and the country.

Erica Stieper

I love it here! London was absolutely gorgeous. In a city, you expect the majority of the buildings to be run-down but all of the buildings were clean and beautifully built. As for Bedford, I love how you can walk everywhere. My host family are the nicest people and their friends are hilarious. We have entertained each other by just talking half the time because we say everything so differently. Also, I'm starting to accidentally say words in an accent. I'll definitely start saying Mum more often now.

Chelsea Weber

I did not expect to meet so many nice people within my first 2 days here. My host and her family have been absolutely wonderful, as well as her friends! I haven't had a dull moment since we arrived, and I can't wait to begin seeing even more extravagant sites and new potential friends. I may even come home with some new English phrases!

Laska Nordaby

Warwick castle was an amazing experience. The place looked incredible and there many sights to be seen. We also went through the Warwick dungeon which was was pretty cool.

Thomas Evans

Going to Warwick Castle was brilliant. The grounds were beautiful - especially when seen from the tops of the towers, although getting to the top makes walking up to the third floor of BHS with a freshman backpack seem like a walk in the park. The recreation of scenes in a room were also quite cool, particularly the wax statues of King Henry the Eighth and his six wives.
-Steffi Kane

Warwick castle is absolutely beautiful. The historical aspect was lovely, although the most memorable experience was our group trip to the dungeon. The darkness and reenactments of plague victims were rather frightening, turning many of us into cowering elementary school children afraid of being left alone in the dark. Despite this, there were many comedic moments including Mr. Mezeske being "dissected", Mr. Pepper being "tortured", and several students' indignant remarks to being accused of witchcraft.

-Devon Sealander

End score: West Bromwich Albion 1; Newcastle United 1.
I am of the opinion that we could have and should have stayed a little longer at Warwick Castle, given that there were so many other brilliant places left undiscovered on the grounds - instead, we got to the stadium an hour early - but nevertheless, the "football" game was excellent and turned out to be very exciting. Newcastle scored early in the match, cheered on by a relatively small but exceedingly vocal fan section while the West Brom fans were pretty silent, except to yell indignantly at the apparently dimwitted referees. However, they cheered up after WBA scored in the second half, making the score 1:1 - it stayed that way for the rest of the game. I expected an overtime, but apparently the match wasn't important enough to warrant one? It was a fabulous experience, though, for those of us who really got into it and cheered along with the other, more vehement WBA fans.
Several of us also tried traditional steak-and-kidney (delicious) or chicken-and-mushroom (reputedly delicious) pies, along with Bovril - a meat broth drink that I thought was nasty - and sniffed at those who had flown several thousand miles to go to an English football game and proceeded to buy a hamburger.

- Hannah Dukerschein

The game started and the crowd came to life! I've never been to a soccer game where there was such passion in the crowd or really any game, even in America. Right from the start I felt apart of the crowd rooting on West Brom and trying to learn the many chants. I did learn one "you don't know what you're doing!" So I was excited when the crowd starting chanting that cheer. Even though the game ended in a tie (1-1) it was still an awesome and fun experience!!

- Kelsie Wallace

Awesome game today, crazy fans, some calls from the ref that were disappointing. I loved the atmosphere of the game and the people. It was not just a football game to them it was part of there lives and it showed as they booed at the penalties and cheered at the goals. For me I wish I could go to another one

- Kathryn Sampson

The game was so fun! We had amazing seats so we could see the players' faces when they came near us. There was also a dance performance before the game started and that was wicked cool. I started yelling along with the other passionate fans and by the end of the game I was getting strange looks from my friends. Thanks to my mother who showed me in the past how to properly cheer on a team, it came in handy today.

-Victoria Sferrazza

Warwick castle was very fun, as there was a large amount of the castle that remained accessible and one was able to climb into the towers. The dungeon was also fun, as it gave a personalized approach to learning about early England and the black plaque. In addition, the soccer game was a very different experience than a USA game, which certainly enhanced the English experience.

Jim delahunty

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